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Pauline Ado (FRA)


We are now living in a digital world, where consumers expectations are higher than ever and the need for authenticity and meaning is strongly present. 

Facing this evolution, brands must rethink their approach to step up on the market, reach out to their audience in an always limited time and offer answers to major social issues


House of Stories is a sports & entertainment communication, influence marketing and management agency, based in Paris, France.


In a fast-changing industry, we enable brands, athletes and influencers to redefine their strategy, humanize the connections they have with their community and develop immersive experiences to achieve their highest goals. We work hard, with passion, and believe that an authentic, personalized and creative approach will allow you to tell YOUR story.


Sports & Entertainment have so much to offer by carrying strong human values and the ability to gather people together. We listen carefully to understand your objectives and implement actions that will leverage your business, attractiveness and impact.   


We represent rising and world-class talents to build their personal brand, generate revenues through partnerships and help them give back to their communities. 

brand consulting

We advise brands on finding the right way to use sports & entertainment to leverage their communication by optimizing their strategy and providing meaningful opportunities.

influence marketing

We develop innovative influencer marketing strategies. We bring a more human and personalized approach to the influencer world, to gather in the same campaign the social media impact and real life experiences.

content production

We believe that a high quality content is key to ensure the success of a campaign. We have developed a network of content creators who understand the codes of social medias and the flexibility and responsiveness that brands require.


We represent rising and world-class athletes and influencers with strong human values and the same goal and energy to always push further. Our House of Talents also aims to be the right place to feel like at home, to create, brainstorm and help tomorrow's talent to develop. 


Each project, brief, idea is a new opportunity for us to adapt, create and successfully deliver innovative experiences and campaigns. We work side to side with medias, brands and agencies based in France and internationally.