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Sega is a Japanese development and video games editor. Among their top-sellers figures Football Manager, the #1 football management simulation video game. While taking the lead on a football club, your goal becomes to reach the highest division and win titles. When launching FM20, SEGA called up an undercover manager, Robert Pirès, named here Samuel Ross. An international campaign seen by hundreds of thousands persons in few hours.


In order to recreate Football Manager in real life to launch the 2020 edition, SEGA selected 8 French and German influencers, including Vinsky, and 1 football legend yet known at the beginning of the day. His role was to take the lead of the Creators FC, club composed of the influencers and young players and have them challenge the youth team of AJ Auxerre. Disguised in Samuel Ross, the legend followed all the steps that a manager has to follow in the game - press conference, look, coaching...

At the end of the game, the influencers found out that their manager was Robert Pirès, 1998 World Champion with the French national Team and former player of Arsenal FC. The whole day was filmed and edited by a mix of gameplay footage and real life football. The final video was released on all Football Manager, influencers and Robert Pirès platforms to reach out to hundreds of thousands of persons globally in only few hours. 

B&W Agency and House of Stories were in collaboration to manage the collaborations with Robert Pirès and Vinsky.

Robert Pires Sega
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