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34 YO


An athlete active on women's empowerment.

Born in Angers in September 1987, Jessica is very soon facing the football thanks to her father and brother. At 10 years old, she joins the La Croix Blanche club in Angers before being scouted and seeing her career take another path. In 2008, she is called for the first time in the French National Team and in 2009, she joins the PSG. At this time, the women's club was not professional and she had to work as a medical secretary. Only in 2012, the women's club became professional, allowing Jessica to commit 100% to football. She becomes a key member of the French Team with 64 caps, 2 participations to the Euro Championships, 1 to the World Cup and 1 to the Olympic Games. By joining the best women's club in the world, the Olympique Lyonnais, she then claimed 2 champions league titles and 2 French Championships titles. 

An injury made her officially stop her career in September 2019. In the meantime, she became a brillant TV Consultant for Canal+ showing her expertise in football and comfort facing the camera. She now also shares her experience during conferences and seminars, showing the connections between sports and businesses. 

Feeling closed to the women's empowerment cause, she aims to show that women have their role to play both in sports and in any company. Her actions towards different charities also show that Jessica is an invested and giving woman.

Out of the field, she also completed her studies and obtained a bachelor in Sports Training and a Coaching diploma. While being only 32 years old, she showed how much could already be done and stepped up as a dynamic, professional and determined woman.

Now mother of 2 kids, she aims to show that we can find the right balance between personal and professional lives!

Her commitment : Childhood and women's empowerment
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