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Lenor Unstoppables, brand part of Procter & Gamble group, is a scent-booster that injects freshness into every wash and help athletes fight with sweat odors. In order to develop the brand's notoriety and to reach out to potential consumers, we implemented a personalised campaign including a partnership with the Schneider Electric Marathon of Paris and a collaboration with Marine Leleu, athlete and fitness coach.


In collaboration with Omnicom Public Relations Group, we have implemented a tailored activation campaign for Lenor Unstoppables. The brand aimed to develop its notoriety towards athletes in France and explain the main interests to use the product in their athletic routine. 

We successfully initiated a partnership with the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, allowing Lenor to connect, talk and do product testing with more than 55 000 runners coming to the booth.

To strengthen the activation and be active all year long, we also developed a collaboration with Marine Leleu, fitness coach, athlete, influencer and entrepreneur. Marine has become the brand ambassador for Lenor Unstoppables and shows on social medias how naturally the product can be used in your weekly athletic routine. She is also present to teach fitness classes to digital influencers.


The combination of an event partnership with a brand ambassador has shown success by reaching out to more than 500 000 persons


runners visiting the Lenor Unstoppables booth.


followers on Marine Leleu's Instagram account.

Marine Leleu Lenor
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