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22 & 29 YO

Youtuber / ACTORS

Youtube exploding duo!

Fascinated by cinema and comedy, Steven and Olivier are brothers who started their career in August 2014 on Vine by creating short sketches. Since then, their goal is to offer entertaining content on social medias platforms, viewable for free by as many people as possible.

They write, produce and edit all of their content, broadcasted to more than 3 millions persons across platforms, the Bros Family. An engaged, reactive fanbase becoming everyday bigger and bigger.

By reaching out to a quite young community, it was important for Les Parodie Bros to spread strong educative values so that their subscribers can find values of respect, sharing, family and humility. In this way, their content goes beyond entertainment.

Beside their passion for cinema, Steven and Olivier are active gamers and football fans. On their secondary Youtube channel, called The Parodie Bros Show, they aim to share these other passions and create vlogs, collaboration with celebrities and other influencers and multiple other innovative contents. 


3 millions followers, multiple projects already developed, a strong will to share positive values, but they are just getting started...

Commitment : Education
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