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Electronic Arts Inc. is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. EA develops and delivers games such as the iconic FIFA game and gathers more than 300 million players around the world. In the FIFA20 edition, EA has created a new mode, called Volta to promote street football. Naturally, Vinsky, as the #1 French football influencer has been included in the overall campaign and in the Volta Team.


EA Sports and Vinsky pursue in 2019/2020 an already long-lasting and powerful collaboration. The new Volta mode included in FIFA20 gives new wings to FIFA by attracting street football fans. In order to promote the game, they naturally count on Vinsky, #1 Football influencer in France, and active FIFA player. 

The campaign developed see Vinsky being active on social medias to reach out to his million of followers and share with them personalised content and his own experience on the game. The initial video where Vinsky meets his Volta Team that will be competing on different tournaments has already reached over 300 000 views. 

In order to bring the game to life, a Volta Team composed of French influencers has been created to participate to tournaments and promote football. Vinsky and the team went to London to participate in an international competition and share their experience on social medias. 

As a key member of the team, Vinsky also connects with professional football players to create content with them through football challenges. Recently, Vinsky met with Wissam Ben Yedder, member of the French national team.

We are very pleased to manage this collaboration, showing that by placing human first on influencers and digital campaigns, we can generate strong outcomes.


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Vinsky FIFA
Vinsky FIFA
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